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The Impact Of The Fall, January 1, 1980

The 1970s hardly came to a close before the longing for the truly free time when the supernova light of intellectual stimulation and artistic expression seemed like light-years away from the blackhole into which this "civilization" plunged after The Fall on January 1, 1980. Over 30 years later and only gaining in momentum, the allure to the one time in American history that most-closely approached societal symphony has its foundation in the fact that the decade of the 1970s represents the timeperiod during which were directed:

1. the greatest amount of public funding toward the advancement of education - the expressive arts, sciences, and humanities - in the history of the civilized world, resulting in the world's greatest promotion effort of health and nutrition, and the most prolific flowering of the world's symphony and philharmonic orchestras in the history of popular culture

2. the greatest amount of government legislation aimed at preserving and extending rights of humans, animals, and the environment in the history of democracy, resulting in the conjoining of the Woman's Movement, the Civil Rights Movement, the Gay Liberation Movement, and the Earth/Ecology Movement all at one precise moment in history.

As the arts plot the points on the human mind's intellectual curve - similar to a sine-wave - we see very vividly that during the 1900s there is a great crescendo of artistic flourishing occurring in the sensuous 1920s/1930s; then a purposeful undermining of the previous generation's strivings occurring in the imbecilic 1950s/1960s; another great rise of creative expression in the philosophical 1970s; then another profound destruction of all the previous generation's achievements in the Alzheimer's 1980s-to-present-day. What makes the 1970s unique on the chronological table-of-events, however, is the fact that the vertex of the curve achieves an alltime zenith on the overall curve: As artistic and creative as the period of the 1920s/1930s was, there was not such a powerful philosophical awakening as that which accompanied the artistic explosion of the 1970s via an abstruse, yet elementary, axiom: The establishment of a confident sense of self of each of a society's members is prerequisite to the development of a strong, unified society as a whole. Because art reflects life, as film and television of the 1970s - rejecting the empty themes, inane characters, flat photography, and cartoon colors of the 1950/1960s film and television - acquired a revivified soul that employed scrupulous language, intriguing camera-angles, intricate lighting, and elaborate musical scores to enhance the interplay of human emotions, so, too, flamboyant symphonic arrangements and self-assured lyrics of disco masterpieces rejected the street music of simpletons of the 1950s/1960s and exemplified the awakening of the spirit by total command of the heart and soul.

Throughout history, virtually every revolution - including cultural - was fomented by a powerful contrary movement, and it could only be that the greatest intellectual-artistic-philosophical holocaust follow the most profuse blossoming of the human mind. In American society during the 1970s, so great were the strides toward equality of all individuals no matter what race, color, age, sexual orientation, or beliefs that the newly-raised monuments to societal harmony were perceived by a certain lowest element on the hierarchy of lifeforms as just that: monuments, but monuments to their loss of domination over others. By the latter part of the 1970s - reminiscent of Nazi-Germany of the 1930s - a hate-driven undercurrent rose to threaten - not by numbers but by fear - the entire energy that sprouted the wings of liberty of the soul, even to destroy the soul itself.

Yet, the final - and most potent - blow to the movement was more economy- than philosophy-based. The year 1979 evinced a dichotomy: more music and extravagant productions produced in the history of recorded music, yet the lowest record sales in a decade of yearly declining sales. Deducing that teenagers are the predominant record-buyers, record executives forsook the "We'll spend two dollars for every dollar we make" ethic that pervaded human activity borne of dignity of the 1970s and decided no longer to subsidize the grand symphony and philharmonic orchestras required to embellish the intricate structures of history's most exquisite melodies. Three-year-old mentalities do not demand such magnificence. As experienced in the imbecilic 1950s/1960s, the cacophony of garbagecan drums and screeching electric guitars detracting attention from illiterates' attempts at carrying preschool tunes glorifies the mental-retardation responsible for record-buying. Three-year-olds are not taught linguistics and music theory; they drivel with a 500-word vocabulary of broken syntax, and drool 3-note chants while demanding more food. Too complicated for those of undeveloped senses and deformed cerebral tissue, musical instruments - components of the language devised to replicate the sound of the human voice during various states of emotion - are no longer a necessary element of American vocabulary. It took only the time for the eye to blink before the same code of depravity permeated the other arts, for teenage minds are also the predominant movie-goers and television-viewers; so, casting aside character-development and academic dialogue used to sculpt an artwork of moving pictures, and capitalizing on kindergarten tastes with use of explosions, car-chases, disparaging one-liners catapulted back-and-forth by human-shells no more than animated carcasses, and violation of the planet and its lifeforms, television and film executives have since 1980 administered the lowest-level methods in order to entice the American audience. A la the imbecility of the 1950s/1960s, cartoons and gameshows have returned to prime-time television; and, with no investment in eloquent scripts and elegant scores, the media scene has become center-stage for congratulating and awarding the classless mentally-retarded American food-, sex-, and violence-obsessed lifestyle: eating and procreating, and the frequent fighting and killing each other in order for more eating and procreating. Inundated have we become of news reports, magazine features, and talk shows whose themes revolve around "What do we do about all this eating and procreating, and the frequent fighting and killing each other in order for more eating and procreating," accompanied by commentary of retarded health professionals, politicians, and journalists who - because without mind and soul - never do make the connection between the health of a society and the health of its individuals, the physical health of the individual and the health of the individual's mind and soul.

Nature dictates adaptation to the environment; so, the society that began with an unwillingness to think and feel has metamorphosed into one unable to think and feel. Members of the Alzheimer's society with guns find no need for articulate speech or musical instruments or aphoristic visuals of multi-dimensional meaning to express their emotionless, mindless selves. Isolating themselves in their jailcell abodes for fear of being shot or killed by someone more angry than they, they entertain themselves - when not engaged in phone-sex and inane online chatrooms - by television programming that would not have even qualified for Saturday-morning programming before 1980, occasionally making the courageous Wild-West adventure to drive to the movies and actually spend money on watching films that would not have even qualified for Saturday-morning programming before 1980, all the while wallowing in the misery of awareness that their compatriot high-school graduates possess the equivalent education of a seventh-grader in Europe and Japan and can hardly speak the one language with which they were brought up. Now, over 30 years after the plunge into the abyss, with no sign of an upswing of the intellectual curve, we remain so far removed from the principles that burgeoned the explosive universal cultural phenomenon of the Disco Era that we are in essence a philosophical 2,000 years from humanity's Age of Enlightenment. The thousands of producers, arrangers, composers, orchestra conductors, concertmasters, orchestra players, engineers, and vocalists from the 1970s who have been near-permanently interred by rubble from the Holocaust have become obscured by the classless retarded that have emplanted themselves at the focal point of today's idol worship. To know absolutely nothing about anything including the one language used for communicating vacuous ideas is the mandatory precondition for a lucrative profession in "journalism," "television," "film," "radio," "fashion," and "music." Opinions and more opinions, never facts, presented in cry-baby fashion are the American forte; and, as for historical accuracy and production quality, no need, for scarcely an American will know different anyway.

Subconsciously aware of their ineptitude, and, therefore, hateful of themselves and resentful of each other, Americans now ingest food as if it were a drug. Inferiority complex accelerated beyond the extreme, an epidemic of obesity now replaces desire for self-improvement, for to look in the mirror only magnifies the self-hatred; so, the anger festers, and the food-addiction intensifies. As had all things of beauty and integrity been perverted by the holocaustic rampage of 1980, so, too, food - the bounteous fruits of nature revered for millennia by cultures around the world from celebratory feasts to the most minute meal - has been corrupted and degraded to a nemesis that Americans now regard to be a monster responsible for their internal - as well as external - ugliness. To make matters even worse, the rampant all-American face-stuffing pastime would be somewhat redeemed if food contained even the semblance of nutritive value any longer; but, considering that virtually the only fuel-for-the-mind remaining is "chemically engineered" "food-products" "derived" of "hybridized" and "genetically modified" "plants" "grown" from nutrition-depleted soil, irrigated with toxin-rich water-like liquid, and respirated with radiation-filled noxious fumes, it is no wonder that now a tomato - although resistant to pests and able to grow in a greater climatic range - bounces better than a tennis ball, and renders less taste and fewer nutritive elements than one. 1980s/1990s Medical and nutrition claims from retarded "researchers" and "experts" whose greatest talent is spewing - not facts extracted from competent analysis, but - opinions and more opinions induced by surreptitious motives have led a near-entire society into such a condition of fat-phobia that a head of lettuce and a package of chewing gum now wear the proud badge "fat-free," the only logical epilogue of which could be a society best characterized as fat and fatuous. Manufacturing faulty logic and warped reasoning due to acute chemical imbalance, deranged thought processes command the mind to manipulate the host body into doing things that one having been fortified with sufficient nutrients would never even contemplate. Not able to comprehend the direct link between psychology and physiology, that is, mind and body - and the delicate role that food plays in the well-being of the mental as well as the physical self - Americans indulge in the legal equivalent to heroin-shooting and cocaine-sniffing: eating, hoping to levitate from their mournful existence while gorging on sugar-laden concoctions and fatburgers produced from sources raised on what used to be million-year-old rainforests, whose "empty calories" further exacerbate the chemical imbalance responsible for their negative perceptions of themselves and each other.

The lie is "Americans love food." Americans love eating; they hate food. There is no love for anything that is not respected first. That which is the victim of profane debasement suffers the fatality of hatred. People of old-world cultures love food, because they respect food; they love the earth, because they respect the earth; they love life, because they respect life; they love each other, because they respect each other; and, they love themselves, because they respect themselves. It is natural then that they want to improve themselves, and each other; educate themselves, and each other; take care of themselves, and each other; all for the betterment of their beloved selves, and the perpetuity of their beloved society. Members of the Alzheimer's society with guns have neither respect for themselves nor respect for one another. Proper nourishment and careful cultivation produce healthy harvest; the "American mind" is starving, exhibiting signs of severe atrophy. There will be, therefore, no upswing of the intellectual curve: Nature continues to evolve out of existence that for which there is no need.

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