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Playlist for May 21, 2004
Song Title
Orchestra Conductor
D I S C O Consultant
- - - - - - -
Primitive Man Silvetti Raphael Trabuchelli
Bebu Silvetti
Carlos Franzetti/
New York
Salsoul 1975
(Where Your) Red Dress (Tight) Timothy Wilson Landy McNeil
Herschel Dwellingham
Irving Spice/
New York
H&L 1978
I Want You to Love Me Miami Sound Machine Carlos Oliva
Merci Navarro
Gene Orloff/
New York
Electric Cat 1978
All in Good Time Wildlife Jonathan Klein
Bob Stoughton
Jonathan Klein/
D I S C O 1 1977
Who, What, When, Where, Why Madelaine [with Jasmin (Joanie Berlmon, Dale Upton, Rhonda Grayson)] Carl Davis
Johnnie Pate
Sonny Sanders
Sol Bobrov/
Chi-Sound 1978
You Can Be My Lover Beverly Crosby Stephen Matz
Helen Miller
J.J. Jackson
Art Polhemus
William Henderson/
Los Angeles
Bareback 1977
Wake Up and Be Somebody Sweet Sensation Tony Hatch
G. Kent
Des Parton
Martin Ford/
Pye 1978
You Take My Heart Away Laura Greene Carl Maduri
Joe Hudson
Irving Spice/
New York
John Mills
Hank Cicalo
Kevin Herron
Michael Ruffo
Tony Bongiovi
Rick Gianatos
Bob Stone
Epic 1977
Could It Be I'm Falling in Love Earl Klugh Dave Grusin
Larry Rosen
Charles Veal/
Los Angeles
John Golden
John Calder
Doug Rider
Dean Rod
Steve Hodge
Phil Schier
Blue Note 1977
Theme from Judas/Twenty Pieces of Silver James Barden James Barden
Fletch Wiley
Gene Orloff
New York
Michael Hutchinson
Steve Messer
Jim Burgess
Al Snelling
House Top 1978
Are You Ready to Love Me Robert Lee Robert Lee Marc Berlanger/
Amour 1977
Chance to Dance Martee Lebous Charlie Calello Gene Orloff/
New York
Fred Miller
Aimee Chiariello
Bruce Gerstein
Harvey Goldberg
Bob Clearmountain
Image 1976
Trust Your Heart Bobby Womack Don Davis
Rudy Robinson
Wade Marcus
Carl Austin, John Trudell/
Columbia 1978
Joyce Papa John Creach Tom Moulton
John Davis
Don Renaldo/
Buddah 1975
Jamais (la Paloma) Chantal Pary Andre Sylvain Jacques Lafleche/
Mirage 1978
Lookin' Good (Shake Your Body) Eddie Cheba Tony Rome
Landy McNeal
Gene Orloff/
New York
Gary Vandy
Marcos Tobal
Pat Powers
Steve Cuiffo
Ted Jensen
Tree Line 1979
I'm Your D I S C O Rock Deryll Inman Dave Crawford
Jimmy Haskell
Deryll Inman
Sid Sharp
Los Angeles
Dave Baker
Frank DeLuna
Ron Malo
Anne Bolling
Bill Drescher
LA 1979
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