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Queen of the Disco

Ruby Andrews
[with Brandye (Donna Davis, Cynthia Douglas, Pamela Vincent)]

George McGregor
C. Black

George McGregor

David Van De Pitte

David Van De Pitte

Felix Resnick/



verse 1
I didn't care about a dance at all
'Til my baby took me to a disco ball.
Everyone, sharp as they could be -
They were really on a boogie spree.
On the floor a crowd gathered 'round
A fine young lady who was getting down.
Before I asked, "Who is she?"
That disco lady took my baby from me.

refrain 1
She's the queen of the disco.

verse 2
I went in hiding and I learned to move.
I had to teach my body how to groove.
Shook my booty; did the disco duck.
I boogied down and learned to chuck.
I don't care if I have to dance all night.
I just can't let her keep my guy without a fight.
I got to show them who I am
'Cause, to compete with her, I've got to jam.

refrain 2
She's the queen of the disco.

verse 3
So I went back to the ball again.
Said it's time for me to have my revenge.
Room was filled with that wonderful sound.
Lights were on them; they were getting down.
Before they realized just what I was about
Grabbed me a partner and I turned it out.
My ex came up with a great big grin.
I said, "Don't you ever speak to me again."

refrain 3
Now I'm the queen of the disco.
Watch me go, go, go.
Watch me boogie 'cross the floor.
I'm the queen; give me the crown.
Watch me go; I'm gettin' down.

[Psychological Interpretation:
Once a woman - whether through being victim of circumstance or of her own volition - recognizes her inner-strength enduing her with the capacity to accomplish feats of which she herself never dreamt, the concomitant development of intellect establishes a new set of priorities, by which she not only reveals superhuman abilities for conquering the invincible but acquires the dignity never to deign the condescension of placing herself in the position of being oppressed again.]

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